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The ICA Idea – independent retailers working in cooperation

ICA is built upon the ICA Idea, which entails that independent retailers own and run grocery stores with access to economies and scale and a shared brand.

This independent – and local – entrepreneurship combined with economies of scale has proven to be a winning combination. The ICA model has evolved and delivered grocery retail service and good results for more than 100 years. By combining a strong entrepreneurial spirit with competition between the ICA stores and cooperation in purchasing and distribution, the best effects are achieved for everyone.

ICA-handlarnas Förbund’s mission is to preserve, develop and strengthen the ICA Idea as the core principle that forms the foundation for ICA. This is expressly stated in Article 1 of the ICA-handlarnas Förbund’s Articles of Association. ICA Gruppen’s Articles of Association also stipulate that, within the framework of the fundamental objective of generating profits for the shareholders, the company shall maintain, develop and strengthen the ICA Idea. 

 The ICA Idea entails that ICA retailers, as business owners, both compete and cooperate. As ICA retailers they are also free to subject ICA Sweden to competition as a supplier. As a result of this internal competition, every area in ICA must always – every day – maintain absolute top class.

 Independent retailers in cooperation is the business model that ICA has worked according to in Sweden since 1917.

6 november 2018