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Other holdings

In addition to its ownership in ICA Gruppen, ICA-handlarnas Förbund owns Hakon Media and Urbano.

Hakon Media
Hakon Media is a media company that mainly publishes news about the retail trade sector via the Icanyheter and Market news magazines. In addition, the company produces as number of information products in various areas, sponsors symposiums and conducts certain contracting activities.

Hakon Media is key source of information for the entire retail trade in Sweden and is committed to conducting current and pertinent journalism in everything from the most recent news and trends to in-depth analyses in various sectors.

Urbano AB
Urbano is a property company that acquires, manages and develops residential properties in Sweden. The property portfolio includes some 3,000 flats in Gävle, Örebro, Upplands Väsby, Nynäshamn, Nyköping and Växjö. The plan is to grow by continuously acquiring and developing the portfolio. Urbano’s mission is to be a long-term and active landlord that offers its tenants good service and secure housing.

Rental flats are an important part of Sweden’s housing market, as they often serve as the first home for many people. Living in a rental flat offers many advantages for tenants, the housing market and society, and Urbano aims to be part of this advantage. In doing so, Urbano helps make daily life easier for more people by offering a simple form of housing.

6 november 2018